Saturday, January 23, 2016

Site moving

I have used blogger for years and has gone through everything with me: college through wedding, job hunting and being a mom. I'm not deleting this site, as it still is, my diary. My collection of thoughts and memories. I still go through a few posts from time to time and praise God that I came away from that moment or situation a lot better than I dared hope. To delete this, would delete those memories and lessons that I learned along the way. So this is closing out this "diary" and making a new journal.

I set up a new website for all things me. I needed to find something to mash my love of reading and books and my crazy awesome job of helping out moms with breastfeeding anSd nutrition. If I put everything in one thing, I wouldn't feel so overwhelmed or believe that I have to neglect one and not the other.

So...... if you have enjoyed my journey, please feel free to check up on my misadventures at