Monday, August 3, 2015

Excerpt for The Dating Intervention

Excerpt 1:

“What Josie’s trying to say is that you always choose the wrong guys. To be honest, I’m not even sure I know what your system is. Was. Whatever. What is it?”

“It’s an informal system.”

“Are you talking to us or the table?” Josie asked.

“The table. You guys are bitches.” 

The girls laughed, which broke the tension enough that Delaney responded.

“It’s a system that allows me to select between three and five men, each of whom fulfill a different need. I.E. a sex god, a philosopher and an adventure hound.” 

Summer rolled her eyes and Delaney continued. “This system ensures I have a constant flow of social engagements and, more importantly, at least two backup men if something, you know, fails to work out with one of the men.” 

Summer nodded. “So tell us what happened, exactly. How’d you end up single for the first time in years?” 

“Hasn’t she always been single?” Josie said.

“Josie! Seriously!” Delaney felt herself spluttering.

Was it true? Delaney dug into her memory. Yes, she was always dating someone … but no, she was never truly with a man. A tiny voice piped up inside her head: Maybe you do have issues! She silenced it. Who were Summer and Josie to have such strong opinions on her dating life? They’d both been off the dating scene for years.

“Well, you have,” Josie said. “When is the last time you were in a committed relationship you actually cared about?” 

“And speaking of that,” Summer said, “have you ever really thought about the future? I mean, do you plan to just keep dating several men at once, perpetually?” 

Instead of answering, Delaney picked up her Guinness bottle again. Still empty. Her last real relationship had been a long time ago. At the time, she thought they were committed to each other and she thought of nothing other than their future. That turned out to be a complete waste of energy. Not to mention the heartache involved. 

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