Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bittersweet by Jennifer Labelle: Review

Three books in three weeks and the theme is: hot, hotter, HOTTEST
There are some books that I’m instantly taken with and before I know it, I’m crying along with the character and cheering her on as she’s putting on the proverbial big girl panties and showing the world what she’s got! Bittersweet is such a book. The second I read about Jenna’s fears and her sadness and her love for her son and her husband, I became so consumed with making sure she got the happy ending she deserves.

So consumed in fact, that I may or may not have been short with my husband as I read on about Jenna’s life. I won’t spoil anything for you, dear reader, but I will say that I wouldn’t have handled Jenna’s situations as classy as our protagonist. No, I would go straight up Carrie Underwood and beat the crap out of my husband’s “beloved” 1973 Ford Truck.
Anyway, the book opens with Jenna and her husband in a terrible car accident. She wakes up and finds him gone. This was fun to read, let me tell you! I’m over here weeping and my husband and toddler is giving me crazy looks about crying over my tablet.

A year passes in the book and Jenna finds herself on a trip to Ireland. She meets a sexy Irishman, Brady, who makes us believe that having a second love is possible for us. Brady, man! What a swoon worthy character. I don’t particularly read books with eroticism. I mean, I’m not opposed, mind you. For all the hoopla that was 50 Shades of Grey, I really just wanted a great romance story with characters who kept their clothes on the whole story. But there wasn’t any forced or gratuitous sex scenes that made me want to shower after reading it. The characters made love and I felt so intrusive to be in their presence.
I’m telling you, I was REALLY into this book!

And oh, the plot twists and turns! I can usually figure out how a book is going to end about six to seven chapters in. I was amazed and amused that I was off and “figured it out” somewhere past the middle. But regardless of the many twists and turns, I loved being along for the ride.
This book will definitely be on my list to rotate and read again in the future….except, I’ll try not to be as emotional….or at the very least, not read in front of my husband and kid!

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